Quick Guide to Investors

Step 1 – Letter of Intent (LOI) and Project Evaluation Form (PEF)
Proponent submits LOI and PEF. Sample of LOI and official PEF maybe secure from CIAC Marketing Department or downloaded from here.

Please note Checklist of Required Supporting Documents in the PEF
Proponent may seek assistance of CIAC Marketing Department in the preparation of required documents.

Step 2 – Term Sheet
In case CIAC finds proposal acceptables, a Term Sheet shall be issued to Proponent specifiying the salient provisions of a possible Lease Agreement or Contact.

Step 3 – Lease Agreement or Contract
After successful negotiations, a Lease Agreement or Contracts shall be entered into by CIAC and Proponent

Step 4 – Business Permit/s
CIAC shall endorse Proponent to Clark Development Corporation (CDC) for the issuance of its appropriate Business Permit/s.

CIAC shall assist Proponent in its transaction with CDC and/or other government agencies.

Step 5 – Proponent may now operate as a Locator of CIAC

Summary Steps To Be A Locator