Gender Analysis Concepts and Processes Webinar

The Clark International Airport Corporation Gender and Development Technical Working Group on June 30, 2022 attended two part webinar called as the Gender Analysis Concepts and Processes  aimed at providing the CIAC-GAD-TWG members about the concepts and processes of Gender Mainstreaming under the GAD Plans and Programs. The resource speaker is Ms. Lourdes C. Turiano Independent GAD Consultant and National GAD Resource Pool member Batch 3.

The webinar is supported by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) which has been in the forefront of providing GAD activities to various government agencies including those Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCCs).

GAD Head and OIC COMREL Manager Riza G. Lozano said that the activity is part of the element in the Gender Mainstreaming program of CIAC and Locators. The other part of the webinar will be held on July 5.