CSR Mandate

We take the lead to promote and project a welcoming environment for the Clark International Airport and its stakeholders (particularly passengers, airlines and locators, local government units of destinations, travel and tourism-related businesses and organizations and other aviation-related entities) and spearhead the conceptualization, development and implementation of programs and projects reflective of the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of the Corporation toward its stakeholders and host communities. The “welcoming environment” covers provision of passenger assistance desk services designed to help enhance the integrity of operations and services at the Airport and the facilitation of cultural and tourism-related activities, both accomplished through a strategic collaboration with partner-agencies to meet customer satisfaction. The “corporate social responsibilities” cover airport facilities and services responsive to the needs of women, men and children passengers and those travelling with special needs. CSR likewise covers socio-economic programs for families left behind by OFW-mothers, victims of human trafficking, communities, marginalized groups and other socially-inclusive initiatives.