CIAC Officials Distribute Flowers and Chocolates to women employees

Clark International Airport Corporation Vice President for Airport Operations Irish Calaguas on March 9, led the distribution of flowers and chocolates to CIAC women employees as part of the celebration of the National Women’s Month. Calaguas together with Gender and Development Technical Working Group (TWG) Chairperson and Vice President for Finance and Administration Group Nancy C. Paglinawan pose for a photo with the employees at the CIAC Corporate Office.

On the same day, CIAC also conducted a Stress Management Seminar as part of the Mental Health Awareness program for the women employees and to educate them on how handle stress in their  workplace. The Stress Management was conducted by Erlinda G. Maglanque as the resource speaker via Zoom meeting. Maglanque is a registered nurse and  at the same time a Qualified Instructor for various trainings/seminars related to Mental Health Awareness.