CIAC-GAD-TWG Conducts Home Demo Cooking for CIAC, Locator Employees

Members of the CIAC-GAD-TWG on March 8&9, 2023 conducted Home Demo Cooking for CIAC and Locators employees as part of the National Women’s Month celebration at Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC). The Home Demo Cooking was spearheaded by CIAC’s own Chef Josephine Roque who demonstrated Basic Home Cooking to teach the employees how to prepare and cook the famous Filipino Food ” Adobo”.

The Home Demo Cooking was attended by more than 25 employees of CIAC, while 10 locators from various companies attended the said activity. The activity was part of the month-long celebration of the women’s month at CIAC. The Home Demo cooking was also attended by CIAC OIC President and CEO Darwin L. Cunanan and Vice-President for Admin and Finance Nancy C. Paglinawan both members of the CIAC-GAD-TWG as chairpersons.