2017 Gender Mainstreaming CSR Initiatives

The Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC), amidst its fast-developing pace towards expansion remains faithful to its core values of Corporate Citizenship and Inclusiveness. It has been involved in projects envisioned to contribute towards poverty alleviation.

CIAC has provided a space at the passenger terminal building free of lease charges to qualified visually impaired women and men to allow them to do massage services to passengers awaiting their flight. This program has helped address the issue of lack of access of women with disabilities to livelihood and economic empowerment.

Moreover, the Clark International Airport, being a gateway is always the first or the last contact of any traveller. Any impression created, therefore, is made to last. Hence, tourism-related activities are being showcased at the airport such as the Lubenas Parul every Christmas season and the Bonsai that are constantly displayed at the terminal. These activities do not only promote the rich heritage of Filipino and Kapampangan culture, they also support the livelihood of poor but talented local artists.

The partnerships with the Nayong Pilipino and the Mabalacat Arts Group have allowed for the regular performances of Nayong young male and female artists who are self-supporting their education. Their world-class performances at the Clark Airport of Filipino music and dances give them opportunity to stage their talents to an international audience and thus, opportunities for future international contracts.

CIAC is a partner in fostering health and wellness of its communities. Medical mission activities were held in partnership with the local government unit to help address issue of vulnerability of low income women/mothers to illnesses due to multiple roles / multiple burden they assume. Within the 18-59 y/o age group of patients availing of medical mission, 66% are women. This is the age that parenting to raise children into becoming responsible adults typically happens.

Furthermore, the Clark International Airport Corporation has launched in recent years the Ama na Magaling Mag-Aruga sa Anak (AMMA) Program as a gender-mainstreaming corporate social responsibility project for husbands and children left behind by OFW-mothers. This AMMA Program was designed to address the social costs of feminization of migration that brings a phenomenon where the “Ilaw ng Tahanan” among Filipino families are now leaving the home to work abroad. It is a five-phase program ranging from Phase I: Social Preparation; Phase II: Leadership Development and Capacity Building; Phase III: Organizational Development and Management; Phase IV: Expansion; Phase V: Consolidation and Turn-Over. CIAC, in collaboration with partner-institutions, has accomplished all necessary organizing, linkages and other substantive support from Phase I to Phase V. As of this date, the AMMA which is now mainstreamed in the community, is already an independently functioning workers’ association operating a start-up of a hog-raising livelihood. This is a dream come-true for these left-behind husbands that will enable them to support their vision to help similarly situated fathers as a formal organization and pave the way for their transformation on a sustainable basis. This is an intervention that has been seen to create positive holistic effects on all levels: individual, family and community.